ExhaleRx's Proven Strategies for

Businesses and Employers to Navigate Prescription Costs

Empower Your Workforce with Cost-Effective Prescription Solutions

Prescription costs can often be a source of uncertainty, and when they are known, they tend to be steep. ExhaleRx is here to alleviate this burden by reducing prescription costs for your employees, offering savings of up to 80%. This not only benefits your bottom line but also puts more money back into your employees' pockets.

Lower Costs, Increased Medication Adherence

Lower costs translate to increased medication adherence among your employees, ensuring they stay compliant with their doctor-led health plans. This, in turn, leads to a workforce that is healthier, happier, and more productive.

Comprehensive Formulary and Expertise

With ExhaleRx, you can expect significant savings on specialty and name-brand medications for your employees. Our extensive formulary includes medications sourced directly from our pharmacy. Each prescription order undergoes thorough review by both pharmacists and physicians to ensure safety and efficacy.

Valuable Benefits of Partnering with ExhaleRx

In addition to cost savings, partnering with ExhaleRx grants you access to a range of valuable benefits. We provide a free analysis of program costs through us and your administrative provider, as well as free ongoing program support. Furthermore, you’ll have access to comprehensive monthly reporting, available to you 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ExhaleRx offers comprehensive solutions to help employers and self-funded businesses reduce prescription drug costs for their employees. Our services include discounted pricing on a wide range of medications, seamless prescription management, real-time shipment tracking, and detailed reporting.

For any additional questions or to learn more about how ExhaleRx can benefit your business or self-funded plan, please contact our support team.

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